To me, it's fundamental to the future of business. Take a look at society and how it's changing. How more people want less time working and more time living. How mental health is becoming more important than the weekly food shop, unless the food shop is

what helps your mental health *ahem coffee! we NEED coffee!*. How self love isn't just a movement or a fad, it's becoming a way of life. We no longer need to cope, we can thrive and it really is up to you.

Working in the design industry for 9 years gave me a huge insight into the workings of an agency. How people are treated, how we pitch for clients, how we deal with those clients. Yeah there were huge highs and high fives during the years but also huge lows. I ended up taking it upon myself to do more for the people around me. I was a big people pleaser then and I thought I could help fix them. Seeing how daily life impacted work life and the pressure of keeping your creativity at 100% only excelled the problems. Forwards to the pandemic and our homes became pressure cookers. Who would have thought working from home meant working 24/7 because the resources were there and who was to blame? I say the management but the management says the client - of course. 'They need it NOW!' 'Quick there's a deadline!' 'I needed this 5 minutes ago'. This was not a sustainable way to work and it wasn't enjoyable either.

I'd had enough. Fulfilling client briefs and getting the work done was important but so was setting boundaries. How many times can you re-boil the water in the kettle before the water runs out? I was running on empty.

This was when I decided to go it alone part-time and create my own business where sustainability was a core value. This meant creating a business that brought in enough money to keep me going, creating boundaries so I didn't work past 6pm, giving deadlines that didn't push my limits, work with clients who had the same values and had businesses in the sustainability and wellness realm - I could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

I was finally living my passions and having enough time to fill my cup.

Sustainability can apply to all areas of your life, you don't have to have a product based business with eco packaging to be sustainable. Below I have a check list for areas of your business life. Which of these areas are you running sustainably, meaning which areas can be maintained as they are now?

Anything you can't tick is something that either needs building up or slowing down. The level of which is sustainable is different to each of us so take a moment to check in and see what truly aligns to you.

Consider out sourcing an area of your business you don't love doing or you don't have time for? I've invested in getting help with my finances and expenses because that's not my forte. Consistent branding and creating posts are something I can help you with so reach out to khrissie@colab-studios.com and let's get on a call.

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