Small business? 4 things to check as we head towards the end of 2022

Holy guacamole how are we steaming through the last quarter of the year? I know we all say this every new month but honestly, I don’t understand.

What I do understand, is that as a small business owner, there are some things present me could be doing to help make future end-of-the-year me a happy bunny. And I want to share them with you.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day runnings of your business, and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not often I sit down to check in with where I’m at, or where I’m headed. But I know from hours of podcast listening and social media absorbing that it’s absolutely a good idea to do so.

Still, I don’t want to spend hours pouring over reports and overhauling my entire brand, I just want some quick and actionable things that keep things moving the right way.

I’ve picked out four. Let’s do them together?

4 nice and small but important things to do before year-end

1. Check-in: Are your values still the same?

If you started the year with goals aplenty and a crystal clear vision for your business, now is the time to flick back in your notebook and revisit.

Are you on track to reach your goals? Are you still working towards the same thing? Do you still care about what you cared about then?

Ideally, the values and mission of your business should stay the same. To give you guidance and structure and help people get you. But, it’s okay if things have taken a bit of a pivot.

We’re small business owners, often one-person-bands, we’re not meant to know it all from the word go.

I would encourage you though, to get re-clear on your mission. Your why. It’ll give you so much guidance on your content, your messaging and your overall branding. And it will give you that stomach-fluttery love for your business again as we close out the year.

Don’t forget, Khrissie here at Co.Lab Studios is amazing at bringing visions to life if you’re looking to start 2023 with a fresh new look.

2. Links on your website

This one is oh-so-simple but I know, can be oh-so-annoying. I promise you it’s worth it.

Open up your website and click on every single possible link there is to see if everything is working. Does each link send you where it’s meant to? Are any of them broken? Sending you to a 404 error page?

Then go to your social media profiles, your email footer, or anywhere else you link to your website. Do they all work the way they should? Is your ‘link in bio’ sending people to something relevant that supports your goals, like a booking form?

And bonus, is that booking form working?

It’s amazing how often broken links get missed, but it’s surprising also how much traffic you could be missing out on because of it, too. Broken links are one of the main culprits of a high bounce rate.

Side note: if you do end up on your 404 error page, please consider customising it. It’s a brilliant and often forgotten place to sprinkle a little brand personality.

3. Consistent branding

Now that we’re happily realigned with our goals and we know all of our links work, let’s take stock of how we look and feel everywhere we show up.

Consistent branding (that’s both visual and verbal) is wildly important for the overall success and growth of your brand.

Consistency builds trust. Trust builds loyalty and community. Community brings sales.

Take a look over your website, social media channels, email campaigns, physical POS if you have it, your ‘thank you’ cards, checkout pages, booking forms… everywhere, and assess whether or not each individual section feels like it's part of the same brand.

A helpful tip here is to take a screenshot of each and add them to one board or page in Canva.

Does it all feel like you?

Do you communicate the same way everywhere?

Are you creating the experience and feeling that you want to, no matter where a customer or client finds you?

4. Analytics (web and social)

Alight, I’ll hold my hands up. I’m the worst at this. But it really is important.

As the end of the year approaches, Q4 is a great time to dive on into your analytics and see what’s working, and what’s not. So that you can make an informed and strategic plan of action for marketing in the new year. (And test out stuff in the run-up).

Open up Google Analytics, your website analytics and your social media analytics and get your analysis gogg’s on.

What pages on your website bring in the most traffic?

What pages on your website cause people to leave the most?

What posts on your social media pages reached the most people? Got the most shares and saves?

Make a list of the top-performing posts and pages, and then dive into them to see why they did so well.

Is it that they’re educational and easy to understand?

Did your ‘behind the scenes’ content perform well?

Side note: I encourage you to look at the important metrics here, not the vanity ones like likes and follower count.

Q4, we’re ready for you

Will you action all of the things on this list, or do you have other steps you take to keep things in tip-top shape?

If you’re looking to uphaul your branding ahead of the new year, make sure to get in touch with Khrissie. Brand in a Day might be just the ticket you need for a whole new vibe in just one day!