Sage Garden

A life so busy you're running on autopilot? When you do get to rest you never feel you truly can. You want a retreat away from the city so you can escape into a safe space.

Sage Garden is a mini wellness retreat based in outdoor spaces for city workers who want time away from the stress of life and tech living. Perfect for the people who want to heal and create a balanced lifestyle. Sessions are in blocks of 120 minutes so you get the benefits of rest and relaxation without you having to take time off work.
We named this brand Sage Garden because the sage herb has a long history of health benefits with the Romans calling it the 'holy herb' with its medicinal qualities. Sage is a member of the Saliva plant, a family derived from the Latin word 'Salvere' which means 'make healthy' and 'save'.

We wanted the branding to feel relaxed and minimal with their gardens based around self care and health that takes it back to basics. The colour palette is hues of sage to reflect the name and its powerful properties. The leaf graphic also reflects the name with the balanced structure - representing the life that grows from the roots we help you create.